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VASA Valuers: Providing Trustworthy Pre-Accident Car and Vehicle Valuation Services in Brisbane

It’s a scenario that plays out time and time again during the auto insurance claim process. The insurer offers the insured a certain amount in compensation for a damaged vehicle. In turn, the insured insists the amount being offered is insufficient and does not reflect the pre-accident value of the vehicle. The two parties go back and forth, sometimes negotiating and arriving at a more mutually-agreeable compensation amount, but often just going in circles trying to arrive at a fair value. At VASA Valuers, we help you avoid some of the stress and confusion of this process by providing reliable pre-accident car valuations in Brisbane.

The Importance of a Pre-Accident Valuation

When it comes to making an insurance claim for a vehicle, it is extremely important to have a pre-accident or pre-incident valuation included in the claim. At VASA Valuers, our car valuations in Brisbane are designed to deliver pre-accident appraisals. There are two reasons why this dollar amount is vital to include.

First, vehicle values fluctuate depending on a lengthy list of variables. Things like make, model, age, condition, accident history, and the maintenance history of a car can affect its value, but so can special features, upgrades, refurbishments, and other factors that might not be evident from looking at the car.

Second, in an insurance claim situation, each party is working towards a different goal. The insured party wants to make sure they are being compensated for as much value as they can get out of the damaged vehicle. The insurer, meanwhile, wants to avoid a huge payout.

Because of these opposing motivators, having an objective assessment of a vehicle’s pre-accident value can significantly diminish the adversarial dispute between insured and insurer. The insured party has the evidence they need to make sure they are being compensated fairly for their vehicle, while the insurer has the data they need to prove they are not underpaying a claim. Working with the right car valuers in Brisbane can greatly simplify and streamline the claim negotiation process.

Trust VASA Valuers as Your Car Valuers in Brisbane

With VASA Valuers and our professional vehicle valuations in Brisbane, both parties in an insurance claim dispute can feel confident they are getting a fair and equitable settlement. Our team frequently provides this kind of valuation service to both insurers and insured parties. We have performed valuations for many of the largest auto insurance companies in Australia. We have also entered these disputes on behalf of insured parties.

No matter which party brings us into the negotiation, we always seek to provide an impartial opinion of value for vehicular assets. Our objectivity means we can be trusted to provide accurate valuations without unfairly favouring one party’s goals.

Valuations from a trusted partner can remove stress, simplify negotiations, and empower both insurers and insured parties to leverage objective data in their negotiations for a swift resolution. Are you interested in learning more about our pre-accident valuations in Brisbane? Contact us today.

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