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Use VASA Valuers for Helicopter Valuations, Fixed Wing Aircraft Valuations, and Other Aircraft Valuations for Your Brisbane Aviation Company

Does your business own or use aircraft on a regular basis? If so, there is a good chance you will need to have an aircraft valuation conducted at some point. When that time comes, you can count on VASA Valuers for thorough and accurate aviation valuation in Brisbane. From planes and other fixed-wing aircraft to helicopters, we are experienced in assessing aircraft assets to determine fair market value. Trusting the right Brisbane aircraft valuation partner can ease the stress of insurance claims and provide insights on the fiscal impact of damages, upgrades, and alterations.

Making an Insurance Claim on Your Aircraft: The Importance of an Aircraft Valuation Service

Let’s say one of the aircraft in your fleet was recently damaged in a landing accident. You need to make an insurance claim but are not entirely sure what the pre-accident value of the plane or helicopter might have been. You want to make sure you are getting reimbursed a fair market value for the aircraft, but you don’t have the baseline you need to make an accurate claim to your insurance company.

Situations like this one often lead to messy and stressful insurance disputes. At VASA Valuers, we help aviation businesses avoid this fate by providing thorough pre-accident/pre-incident valuation services. We can assess every plane or helicopter in your fleet, determine fair market value, and calculate replacement and reinstatement costs. Then, in the event of an accident involving one of your aircraft, you can contact your insurance company and make a claim that reflects the true value of the damaged or lost aircraft.

When it comes to providing airplane or helicopter valuations in Brisbane, the team at VASA Valuers always provides in-person appraisal services. With aircraft, it’s difficult to know the value of a vehicle judging from make, model, or serial model. There are too many variables that might affect the value of your aircraft. By providing on-site inspections and appraisals, our team can assess these variables—such as signs of damage, upgrades, and refurbishments—and determine how they may have impacted the value of the aircraft.

Choose VASA Valuers for Your Airplane or Helicopter Valuation in Brisbane

Aircraft valuations in Brisbane are complicated processes. Not only can different variables affect the market value of a plane or helicopter, but the aviation market also tends to fluctuate more than other markets. As such, it’s not a bad idea to update your value assessments of your aviation fleet on a semi-regular basis. These updates will ensure you always have the most up-to-date pre-accident values to use in an insurance claim, if necessary.

At VASA Valuers, you can trust us with even the most complex aviation valuation in Brisbane. We have been performing valuations in this niche for more than 20 years and have delivered superlative services to many businesses just like yours. To learn more about this service, or to schedule an on-site valuation service for your fleet, contact us today.


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