What is a Valuation?

The dictionary version is the act of estimating the value or worth of property as the just value of the assets. A valuation is also a determinant of the estimated value or price.

A valuation report is a document covering a single or many items of plant and machinery or real property and is compiled to give clients a view of their assets from a financial perspective.

These reports, carried out by a valuer, indicate the worth of an item or a group of assets at a certain time which could be exchanged for their equivalent in money or goods.

Why would you or your company need the services of a valuer to estimate the value of your assets?

In a word:-

Insurance:   What is the likely loss in financial term of loss of assets in the event of fire, theft or accident? VASA Valuers can help to mitigate the loss!

Accounting:   Acquisitions, amalgamations, disposals, asset registers, depreciation schedules, asset values all require reports to underwrite their values in the instances of capital gains and tax depreciation.  

Finance:   Your bankers, brokers and financiers will require valuation reports to substantiate underwriting finance for your acquisitions.  VASA Valuers can help!

Auction Clearance:   The quickest, most efficient and cleanest way to clear your plant, equipment and machinery in the event a sea-change beckons. VASA Valuers can help!



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