Asset Valuations!


Valuations determine the correct levels of value of Replacement and Reinstatement values of your Plant and Machinery and Real Property.

Knowing these values can save you time, money and unnecessary argument as:-

   Premiums are tailored to the correct levels of value and are not arbitrarily  selected.

   Correct values eliminate the hazards of the Co-insurance clause.

   Market and exchange rate fluctuations are taken into account.

and that's just the start

One valuation report can give you:-

   A real time, working Asset Register.

   Current Market Values of Plant, Machinery and Property.

should you require

   Financial backing from Banks and Leasing Companies.

   Indicative Market values as added protection from hostile takeovers and predators.

One Fee   =   A Multi Purpose Document 

   with annual desk updates and triennial field appraisals.

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